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Faculty Details

Work Experience

  • Surgical Registrar from 2002 – 2004.
  • Assistant Professor from 2004 – 2009.
  • Associate Professor from 2009 – 2015.
  • Professor from 2015 till date.


  • M.B.B.S from 1989 -1994.
  • M.S General Surgery from 1997 – 2001.


  • Life Member of Indian Medical Association.

Awards & Achivements


  • Dr. Ravi Ganji published 12 research articles in National and International journals to date:- 

    • Ravi Ganji, Bushrak, Jalaluddin M,etal – ExtrapulmonaryTuberculosis:Are we barking up the wrong tree?A 4-yr naturalistic follow up study.IntSurg J.2021 Jan;8(1) 253-260.
    • Begum R, Ravi Ganji, IbrahimSM – Abdominal wall tumours-primary or secondary A case report.J.evid.Based.Med.Health Sci.,2019;6(32) 2195-2197.
    • Ravi Ganji, Khan B, VedireN,etal. – Clinical Examination for complex fistula in Ano: Relevance in present times-A clinical study Asian pac.J.Health Sci.,2018;5(3):69-84.
    • Khan B, GanjiRavi, Prasad B.L. – Riedel’s Thyroiditis presenting as large retropharyngeal goitre-A rare case.Asianpac.J.Health Sci;2018;5(1):154-159.
    • GanjiR, Vedire .N, Hadi M.A,etal.Gossypiboma:Anenigma.Int J.Scient.Res;2017;6(12);381-384.
    • GanjiR, UgaleA, VedireN,etal.Flap Closure for gluteal pilonidal sinus-Is it an economically viable option?J.evid.Based Med .Health.2017;4(53).
    • GanjiR, A. Ravula S,etal.Comparative study of primary closure versus open technique after excision of sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus:Int .J.Adv .Res 2014;2(11),480-483.
    • GanjiR,Prasad B.L ch,PonnaboinaSK,etal.Giant Adrenal Incidentaloma:Reporting a rare case.J.evid.Based Med.Health.2017;4(17),1005-1008.
    • Lavu D, GanjiR, GadepalliA, Operative management of appendicular phlegmon-A five year naturalistic follow up study: International Journal Of Surgery;2011:9(7);565-566.
    • Ravi Ganji, radhakrishna K, Hadi M.A.: Gut Mesenchymal tumors: An Institutional perspective: International journal of scientific research: vol-11, issue -05, May-2022;DOI:10.36106/ijsr.
    • Sheraz A, Ravi Ganji; Adult Autoimmune Enteropathy in India: A Rare entity and unusual presentation: Int J Scient Res: vol-11, issue 10, Oct -2022; DOI:10.36106/ijsr.
    • Nayeemunissa, Dr. G. Ravi; A Mullerian duct cryst presenting as large abdominopelvic cyst causing obstructive Uropathy: A rare case; Global journal for Research and Analysis volume 11 issue 11 Nov.2022.