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Work Experience

  • Years of Experience: 26 Years


  • MBBS – Govt. Medical College, Trivandrum.
  • DNB (General Medicine) – Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore.
  • DNB (Neurology) – Apollo Health City, Hyderabad.


  • Fellowship in Neuro Rehabilitation (FNR- med varsity)
  • MRCP (UK) Neurology SCE
  • FEBN
  • FRCP (London)


  • Basic course workshop programme for teaching (AETCOM)
  • ICMR certified Basic course in Medical research
  • Publon Academy Certificate
  • Good Clinical Practice Certificate (UK)

Awards & Achievements

  •  Dr. Sam G P Moses Gold Medal for General Medicine topper(National level) at national Board examination Year: 2004 .
  •  Dr. G Arjun Das and Dr.K Jagannathan award for best paper in Stroke in national conference of Indian academy of neurology Oct 2019.
  • Best Paper award in Telangana state conference for neurosciences, March 2019.
  • Travel grant bursary award Asian ocean congress of Neurology and Indian Academy of Neurology (AOCN-IANCON) November 2022.
  • Research Grants awarded (as Primary Investigator or Co-Investigator): ICMR grants for MBBS STS project October 2022 -02870.


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